My Ranch Vision

ranch“They shall not hurt or destroy on my Holy Mountain saith the Lord.”
– Isaiah 65:25

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God has given me a vision for His Glory, It is a “GREEN BUILT” Ranch for all the hurting and broken of the world , and all of our precious Veterans,Firefighters,civil servants, and whoever else Gods sends and need to know or be restored, and learn all about Gods Love.

This Ranch, will have stream running in front of it, for baptizing and healing and sheer enjoyment, and relaxation. There will be fruit trees on the property, and shade trees too. There will be birds and some livestock there too. It will be a place of refuge, to be restored and healed and NO ONE will ever leave the ranch without feeling Loved!! I will do ( with Gods help) do all I can to love people into the Kingdom and teach the ones God sends about HIS LOVE. Whoever comes shall grow In Jesus Love.

On the ranch shall be many places (cabins) to rest, and there will be a chapel for worship and a tent for revival, and Saturday shall be the Sabbath, and we all shall worship and love Jesus, and learn more of HIM on that day. Each day everyone will learn of something *new* about themselves and Jesus as they grow as One together.

There will be those who work on the Ranch who will help run it and maintain it, It will be a Haven For Gods love, and we shall always be protected from the evil one, because of this. Many will come and bask and bathe in the healing and Love that is birthed within them while their stay here.

We charge No money at all, yet Love offerings are accepted. It is a non profit organization. In the Main House of the ranch, is where the heart of the Home will be. I will cook(with help) Home cooked meals, and there will be a Butcher Block Table in the Middle of the Kitchen and a Walk in Pantry for food. I will have all the state of the art equipment needed to prepare all the food with LOVE.

The Living room will have a fireplace in it, and a large area for BIBLE Study with lots of couches and seats. It will have wood floors, and A Piano for music for worship.

There will be a room off to one side of the house for prayer and to be one with Jesus, and a place to be able to prostrate ones self before the Lord if you feel led to.
There will be a selection of music for your enjoyment to listen to or to sing to Jesus with. There will be an alter to Jesus there as well.

There will be 5 or 6 Bedrooms and the Master bedroom, shall have a fireplace in it, and wood floors and a large bathroom.

The Bedroom shall have a dressing table and walk in closets too. The other bedrooms along with the Master Bedroom shall have windows with the scenery of flowers and a garden and nature out each window, Gods beautiful Array of His handiwork.

There shall be a Dining room big enough to accommodate many people for conversation, and sharing meals together, including the helpers who prepare the meals and serve them, they also shall sit down with all of us and break bread together. We shall all share in helping and loving each other.

There will be a study for those who wish to read the Bible and learn more of what God teaches or a place to prepare sermons etc. Many will come here , and LOVE will abound. It will happen its Gods will. He has shown me this.

Love needs to be brought back into the World and Jesus has appointed me the task of being His Love Child , Loving all those who He sends to be loved into HIS perfection, AGAPE Love, Unconditional Love, Love that knows God is LOVE and all that dwells in God Dwells in Love.

There will be many cabins that will accommodate many who are in need of a place to be restored and renewed, all who come shall feel the Love of God, and learn ow he wants us to Love others and each other.

There shall be self contained generators and water supplies in case of drought or no power. Storehouses to hold much to help feed many. There will be a peace that passes all understanding. I humbly and willingly go forward with this vision awaiting the provision as He has promised. Now, I ask for your prayers, there is much Power in Prayer.

The Name of the Ranch Might be: Gods Ranch Of Love and Healing.